About Us

Pulse Lab Jakarta combines data science and social research to help make sense of our interconnected, interdependent, and complex world. The Lab is a joint initiative of the United Nations and the Government of Indonesia, via United Nations Global Pulse and the Ministry of National Development and Planning (Bappenas) respectively.

As the first innovation lab of its kind in Asia, Pulse Lab Jakarta is working to close
information gaps in the development and humanitarian sectors through the
adoption of Big Data, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence.
We want Big Data and artificial intelligence to be harnessed responsibly as public good. As part of the Global Pulse network (which also includes Pulse Lab New York and Pulse Lab Kampala), our mission is to accelerate the discovery and adoption of data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

Through its network of labs, UN Global Pulse provides three main services:

Drives exploratory research on new insights that can be gleaned from unconventional data sources.
Helps UN agencies, governments and development partners make better use of their data, and
Advocates for the ethical use of data and technological platforms in line with the protection of individual privacy

Using datasets drawn from mobile communications, remote sensing, social media, among others, we have generated insights for policy and practice on topics ranging from fuel subsidies to natural disaster.


Across our research projects, many of which are delivered alongside our partners, we rely on the expertise of our team of data scientists, data engineers, statisticians, policy specialists and ethnographers.

Lama Ahmad
Project Associate, Social Systems
Kiana Puti Aisha
Project Assistant
Maesy Angelina
Social Systems Lead
Vitasari Anggraeni
Partnerships Officer
Awan Diga Aristo
Policy Engagement Officer
Dharani Dhar Burra
Visiting Scientist
Dwayne Carruthers
Communication Manager
Michael Dyer
GIS Officer
Mellyana Frederika
Urban and Regional Dynamics Lead
Angga Gumilar
Project Assistant for Government Coordination
Hendrik Hendrik
Full Stack Engineer
George Hodge
Programme Specialist
Rajius Idzalika
Junior Data Scientist
Petrarca Karetji
Head of Office
Muhammad Rizal Khaefi
Junior Data Scientist
Alfian Maulana Latief
Visual Information Designer
Sriganesh Lokanathan
Data Innovation & Policy Lead
Narawan Bhavabhutanonda Na Mahasarakam
Urban Mobility Programme Assistant
Anthony Mockler
Data Scientist
Pamungkas Jutta Prahara
Junior Data Scientist
Lia Sparingga Purnamasari
Research Assistant
Muhammad Rheza
Full Stack Engineer
Yulistina Riyadi
Research Associate
Verena Riyaningsih
Administrative Associate
Rico Setiawan
Design Researcher
Aaron Situmorang
Research Coordinator
Rio Susanto
Office Assistant
Faizal Thamrin
Humanitarian Data Advisor
Atik Widyastuti
Administrative Associate
Anissa Zahara
Data Engineer

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